Interview mit Mattia – unserem Airbnb Host in Rom

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In Rom haben wir zum ersten Mal Airbnb getestet und eine ganze Unterkunft für uns gemietet.
Unsere Erfahrung war sensationell! Unser Host Mattia war einfach der Wahnsinn! Total aufmerksam, hat uns immer wieder Kleinigkeiten zu Essen mitgebracht und sogar meine Reisetasche in die Wohnung getragen.

Dieses Appartment können wir sowas von empfehlen, und damit ihr Mattia etwas besser kennen lernt, haben wir mit ihm ein Interview gemacht. Wie lange er das schon macht, was seine Ziele und Träume sind und was noch auf seiner eigenen Travel-Bucket Liste steht, könnt ihr hier lesen:

Interview mit unserem Host Mattia:

C: So, tell us a little about yourself.
M: My name’s Mattia, I live in Rome and was also born here. I started with airbnb flats one year ago. Before I was a bartender and a scientist for pharmacy.

A friend of mine asked me two years ago: ‚What is your dream?’.
And I told him I wanted to open a hotel. So I started out with airbnb and I’m really happy now. It’s almost like a hotel, but less expensive and until now, I only had good experiences with my guests. I got 4 appartments at the moment, two that are already for rent and two that I’m renovating right now. I’d love to have two more appartments in Rome and also thinking about buying some flats in Florence because many of my guests are travelling there afterwards or before. So it would also be nice for them to know a good appartment in the next city as well.

C: And have you also travelled to other cities using airbnb?

M: Not yet.

C: What is your favorite place in Rome? Doesn’t need to be touristic.
M: I like to walk by the river. If you’d like to have something to drink I would recommend Trastevere. There are lots of bars and some discos as well. Also prices in restaurants are a little cheaper than in the center.

C: What’s your favorite italian dish?
M: I don’t love italian food that much. I prefer rice and the asian kitchen.

C: I also got a very sterotypical question: Is it true that Italians eat pizza all the time? Because in Austria there’s this stereotype that all Austrians are always eating Wiener Schnitzel. And I once talked about that with my friends and we came to the conclusion that it’s really true. Almost once a week we all ate Schnitzel with our families.
So I wonder if that’s also true for Italians and pizza?

M: I can only speak for my family; We eat pizza also like once a week but pizza everyday wouldn’t be fine.
I remember when I was in Austria skiing with my schoolclass years ago. The only thing I could say was Wiener Schnitzel – so I ate Schnitzel the whole week. Everyday. But I liked it.

C: What is a Must See for you in Rome – what should a tourist defietely see?
M: I don’t want to give a line. There’s not a MUST see for me.
I like to walk in the cities I visit and try to get a feeling for it.
There’s so much you can do in Rome. If you love to see museums you should go for it. If you like to go for a walk see the Colosseum. There’s so much variety here.

C: So last Question: What is still on your bucket list? Which country or city would you still like to visit?

M: In september I’ll go to Malaga and in February I’ll visit Polynesia. If I could I’d love to see the whole world. I’ve already been to South and North America, Asian, Europe & Africa. So I still need to go to Oceania and Antarctis to have a flag on every continent oft the world. But Antarctis is still a future plan.

Und hier geht’s zu Mattia’s Apparment

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[…] Begonnen hatte der Tag schon mal phänomenal, unser Airbnb Host Mattia hatte uns nämlich ein Tiramisu zum Frühstück vorbeigebracht! Er war wirklich ein außergewöhnlich netter Host. Ein Interview mit Mattia findet ihr hier. […]

Michelle | The Road Most Traveled 24. Oktober 2018 - 14:56

Was für eine schöne Idee, den Host zu interviewen.
Die Idee ein Hotel zu eröffnen und das Ganze mit AirBnB zu verwirklichen, finde ich tatsächlich schön!
Toll, wenn man so aufmerksame Hosts hat. Habe leider selbst noch kein AirBnB ausprobiert, aber der Tag wird sicher kommen.

Herzliche Grüße aus Oldenburg <3
Michelle von The Road Most Traveled

christinakapl 30. Oktober 2018 - 9:43

Hi Michelle!
Danke für deinen Kommentar! Ich finde die Idee auch schön und ich fand es toll, wie begeistert Mattia von seinem Business war und was ihm das an Möglichkeiten eröffnet hat.
Ich hatte bislang eigentlich nur positive Erlebnisse über Airbnb und mag gerade auch diese persönliche Note recht gerne. Wenn du Lust bekommen hast, kannst du gerne diesen Einladungslink verwenden und bekommst für deine erste Reise €30,– Guthaben:

Ich bin bisher super gut damit gefahren.
Alles Liebe,


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