by Christina von Miles and Shores


It’s so nice to have you here!

Christina and Ronnie formed this travelblog, two travel addicted Austrians with their travel mascot Ed. Together we’re conquering the world and write about our travels, always looking for adventures and useful information, we wish we had planing, so you can do better for your upcoming trip. 
Here you can find out more about us.

Since our roadtrip to New Zealand and Australia vanlife and campingfever has cought us and since that time we’re addicted to roadtrips! The adventure on the road, as well as all the tiny little joyful moments along the way. Soon we’re getting ourselves a pick-up camper so stay tuned for future trips and tips!

We wish you a good time on our travelblog, and hit the comment section if you have questions.

Christina und Ronnie heißen dich auf ihrem Reiseblog über Roadtrips ganz herzlich Willkommen!

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