No Drone Zones in Iceland – Where not to fly your drone

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No Drone Zones in Iceland

Here you can find the latest No Drone Zones around Iceland.

Before our roadtrip to Iceland in summer 2018 there were a lot of questions in my head surrounding drone flying in Iceland. Those fantastic landscapes seem just so inviting and the deserted areas should make it easy to fly my drone there. Right? 

First things first: Yes, you’re allowed to fly your drone in Iceland! 

Here you can read about drone laws in Iceland.

When writing that post about the drone laws I actually couldn’t find too many No Drone Zones, which kind of surprised me, given the rising number of tourists. As expected, there were far more areas where it was prohibited to fly my drone – which is why I wanna share those places with you guys. 

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No Drone Zone beim Kirkjufellsfoss auf Snaeffelsness, Island

These are the No Drone Zones in Iceland - 2018 / 2019

In General 

  • Vatnajökull Nationalpark
  • Reykjavik South and Keflavik, as well as near the airport in the North and near smaller airports around the island. 

North & East

  • Detifoss waterfall
  • Ásbyrgi canyon
  • Jökulsárgljúfur canyon


  • Dyrhólaey (Vik)
  • Jökulsarlon (famous ice lagoon), also prohibited at the beach there where the ice is drifting back to the sand.


  • Kirkjufellsfoss
  • Lake Kerid
  • Seljalandsfoss
  • Skogafoss
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No Drone Zone at Dettifoss waterfall in Iceland

Please be a respectful drone pilot!

Drone photography and -videography is a wonderful, magical thing.
And WE ARE  RESPONSIBLE whether the drones in Iceland and around other countries will be banned or if we can continue capturing those magical landscapes and cultures. 

Therefore you should be respectful when using your drone, especially around young drone pilots. 

Let’s appreciate the trust and faith, given by the icelandic people and let’s please, please, please, all follow these common sense guidelines: 

    respect national guidelines and restrictions! 
    Fly ONLY at good, suitable weather conditions! It’s often not that easy in Iceland, cause the weather can be unpredictable. In case of doubt, leave the drone in the car before hurting people or environment and waste a ton of money if your drone collapses, because of stormy weather or rainfall.
    YOU (!!) are an example to others!
    Don’t fly your drone over crowds, also don’t start your drone between lot’s of ther people (sadly, I also saw that in Iceland, which I will talk about in a different post).
    You can’t make everybody happy. And especially the noise drones create can cause grumpy reactions from fellow tourists. You don’t need to listen to every stranger educating you about how annoying it is. But if several people complain and mention that they don’t want to be on video tape, you should respect their privacy, take the drone down and maybe go to a different spot where you can enjoy flying your drone without these people.
    Do NOT chase Iceland ponies with your drone, just to get supersmooth video footage in slow motion of running horses! This is animal cruelty and trespassing other peoples property. Don’t do it.
    If you see kids & teens acting foolish, don’t look away. Also teach your own child a respectful behavior when operating the drone. Often children & teens haven’t informed themselves about national regulations or they still have a lack of sensibility.

    Reckless behavior not only can bother other people, it can also crash the drone and harm others (drone could crash into the crowd and hit people on the head. Or if the drone hits the wire of a ski-lift, it has to be stopped and has to be checked by experts before it can be turned on again). 
    HORRENDOUS costs can be created by drone accidents! So raise awareness to the next generation.



I hope this post with No Drone Zones in Iceland has helped you with planning your upcoming trip.
Have you recently been to Iceland and have seen some new No Fly Zones? To keep this post updated I’d love to hear your experiences. 

Do you have any questions? Write a comment or send us a message 🙂 

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Paul 22. July 2019 - 9:22

Thanks for posting this information. While it is a bummer that some of these places are no drone zones, one has to respect these rules. My friend and I are going to Iceland in the summer of 2020. We will respect the laws for sure. I would not want to be looked at like a jerk while there. Take care.

christinakapl 22. July 2019 - 9:45

yeah! I also was sad to see the No Drone Signs at some places, but it was actually not that bad, as there are so many absolutely stunning spots where you can easily fly with your drone 🙂
The most stunning spot for me was to fly at Námfjall which is a geothermal area near lake Myvatn. Absolutely out of this world! Check it out, I guess you would like it there too!

Was sad that I couldn’t fly with the drone at Kerlingarfjöll due to the heavy winds, but…. hey, you gotta make the best of what you can do and what you get 🙂

Hope you have an amazing time in Iceland! I’m gonna release a video of my drone video footage soon, as well as more tipps and stuff, so keep tuned!


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